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Java articles Our Articles section contains a collection of articles on different subjects, mostly those that are not covered much elsewhere. Check it out, you'll probably find something interesting!

Implementing hashCode() (2004-06-28)
  Correctly implementing the hashCode() function

UI Navigation From Resource Bundles (2003-04-03)

Keep your scopes clean (2003-04-01)
  Avoiding polluted request, session and application objects

Using MySQL from BEA WebLogic (2002-12-16)
  Configuring a J2EE DataSource in WebLogic with a MySQL Database

Beginning Java Web Services (2002-11-24)
  New Wrox book on Web services reviewed

Session Fašade EJB Design Pattern (2002-11-18)
  ...and is it still valuable with EJB 2.0 local interfaces?

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BEA WebLogic & MySQL

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Java WebServices

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